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Rename Virtual Server - VIP


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Oh my God, now when I´m finished with the work of configuring all the VIPS, then my boss want to change the names on all of the VIP:s
2 days hard work for nothing and the worst the deadline is tomorrow morning.
Is it possible to change the name on all my VIP with Cli or something?


I really appreciate your answer.



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**** IMPORTANT****

make a back up first!!!


Open the NS.conf file up using winscp. Find and replace the current VIP names  in the text. Save the file. 

Restart the VPX from the GUI without saving the running config. 


**** warning **** make sure you edit the names correctly and don’t change the parameters in the line. This could cause the NS to not run correctly after the reboot. 


This will cause an outage to services on the Netscaler. Additional steps required if it’s a HA pair.



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method Mark mentioned is also not a bad way, if he can use replace all method that should work and will replace all bindings Aswell.


But the best way to achieve this is from cli or Gui you can use cmd "rename lb vserver http_vsvr http_vsvr_new" then all bindings like service, ssl_cert etc will remain same (for best practices you can disable V.server before renaming then enable back after renaming)



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