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Network Configuration lost after publishing image

Mathieu Bruston1709157835




In my OS Layer I set some configuration in the network card like :

- rename the card

- uncheck IPv6 QoS and other extra feature

- I had custom suffix in the DNS tab

- I Disable Netbios


When I use the OS layer to create platform and App Layer , the configuration still here.


But when I publish the template in a MCS XenServer , the config has been reset exepct the name .


Is someone have experienced the same kind of issue ?


Thanks for your help


Have a nice day , Regards,

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I believe that's expected.  I've certainly seen it on other hypervisors.  I'm actually surprised the name change worked.  Is the configuration reset on the published image, or only on the MCS-created machines after you update the catalog?


I believe you will want to set those parameters via GPO.  But you can also publish to XenServer without the platform layer just to see if it's our platform specific code which is removing those.

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In the same boat for an audit finding. Disabling Netbios on the OS layer does not replicate to the published image and as such is not disabled on the MCS machines. 




There is no separate option that allows to disable NETBIOS over TCP/IP for all network adapters of a computer using GPO. To disable NETBIOS for all network adapters of a computer, you can use Group Policy to deploy PowerShell startup script. Open GPO editor and place *.ps1 script in the Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Windows Settings ->Scripts ->Startup->PowerShell Scripts policy:


$regkey = "HKLM:SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\NetBT\Parameters\Interfaces"
Get-ChildItem $regkey |foreach { Set-ItemProperty -Path "$regkey\$($_.pschildname)" -Name NetbiosOptions -Value 2 -Verbose}



I found this specifically for NETBIOS but it requires the adapter be disabled / enabled or the machine rebooted which would lose the change.

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