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Bitdefender HVI

Claus-Michael Maier



did anyone use Bitdefender HVI ? Last year we made a PoC with this AV Software and after this
we bought the Software. But now, after a few month the AV / HVI slow down the Terminalserver and VDI machines extremly
when starting Office products, SAP and so on. If one problem is solved two new appeares. The support from BD is not
really helping to solve the problem. As a example...when a couple of users are connected to TS, the first user start
Acrobat DC, tha application starting quick. If a second user starts the Acrobat DC, the startup time is extrem high.
Same problem with SAP GUI, Microsoft Outlook...When disabling the central scanning (security scanner) to local scanning
the problem disappeares (sometimes, somtimes not) when switching of the security scanner on the XenServer the system
is running with normal response time.

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Moin Claus-Michael and welcome to the forums,


We are using Bitdefender GravityZone, but without HVI, unfortunately (no support for AMD CPU's, sniff). Based on your description, it sounds more like a problem with the BEST configuration than an issue with HVI, if switching between central scanning and local scanning makes a difference.


Our experience with Bitdefender support are very good - but as your issue is not showing a fully reproducable issue, it is also hard to dig into it.


Are you running HVI on a dedicated HVI appliance or on the same appliances which are also used as security servers (central scanning)?


BfN, Konrad

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