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7.15 LTSR CU3 in prod yet anyone?

Stephen D. Holder




So I got my team all set to upgrade our rather hefty Citrix 7.15 LTSR (initial release) to CU2 and happy Halloween, CU3 drops the other day.


Seeing how this is hot off the shelf, I could make a case for still remaining with our regular plan of CU2, but as I read more and more of the fixes CU3 supposedly fixes,  I'm staring to lean the other way . Our upgrade is tentatively planned before the end of the year if it doesn't get pushed back.


I'm already making time on the books to get CU3 in our TST/DEV space, but of course the volume of users isn't there.


Just scouring to see where other's are.



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1 hour ago, Robert Blissitt said:

the upgrade failed with "Error 1603" on one of four VDAs and also on the first Delivery Controller


Hey there Robert,


For the VDA, I had the same problem when I was working on the CU2 upgrade.  Some other folks (in 7.6) had the same issue, which apparently was cleared up by the VDA clean up utility.


I know you should be able to install on top of the existing VDAs, but if it doesn't work, I'd suggest the VDA clean up.  I had success going from 7.15 initial release to CU2 with the VDA clean up where I got the 1603 error not using the VDA clean up (I also followed up with a couple runs of CCcleaner after the VDA cleanup was complete.)


Might be worth a shot in your case..


Not sure about the DDC hang up.... I was able to install that straight through with no issues. If you haven't already,  stop and disable the Citrix telemetry service in windows services before the install.  This little nugget sent me on a two day troubleshooting excursion before I got it to work on an erroring storefront CU2 upgrade.


Also, make sure to run the VDA uninstaller as administrator - same goes for installing component upgrades of CU3 (it's super easy to forget to do this.)



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On 9/7/2019 at 10:07 AM, Stephen D. Holder said:

Just circling back -


We did skip CU2 and went right to CU3.


There were a few issues, but nothing major.

Hi Stephen,

StoreFront and License Server have recently-announced vulnerabilities in them.  The StoreFront version included with CU4 fixes the former, but you'll need to install a post-CU4 version of License Server to fix the latter.  The CU4 upgrade overall was pretty uneventful, btw.

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