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Upgrade 6.5 -> 7.6

Eric Samstad


I am a home user of the "free" version of XenServer.  I am currently running v6.5, and want to upgrade to 7.6.  I'm wondering whether I can simply burn the 7.6 installer iso to a dvd and then boot from that to upgrade my 6.5?  Do I need to upgrade to 7.0 first? 


I'm running XenCenter 7.6, if that matters,



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Personally I would start clean so you can take advantage of the new partition layout,

plus you don't have to worry about previous settings carrying over that really shouldn't

like dom0 memory. Be sure to make note of any customizations so you can reproduce

those regardless if you upgrade or do a clean install.




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Guys, how about going 6.5 to 8.0 ?

I have all the VMs on separate disk, so I was thinking just install clean 8.0 over 6.5 and pray for the best.

I think I read somewhere, that machine format is not compatible, that it has to be exported from 6.5 and reimported to 8.0 ? is it true?

What all info (besides IP addresses) do I need to make note of, to do clean install?

Machine is not in pool or anything.


BTW: links on xenserver.org dont work no more :(

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I don't think the installer would touch a separate disk, but I would have good backups before

upgrading or disconnect the drive to make sure (if thats easy to do). Backup the metadata

for your SR and detach it from XenServer before the upgrade.   The file system changes 

is what causes people to export/import on single servers, but you having your data on another

drive makes that a little easier for you.




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@Alan Lantz:
I guess I could try to CLI export them, to some attached storage, just to be sure.

I assume metadata is the information regarding configuration and disk file of the VMs.

If (and how) I backup metadata, then by restoring them on Hypervisor 8, I should just regain access to VMs, that were stored on SSD disk ?

I presume primary/local storage (which contains some decommisiponed VMs) will be gone with clean install on XS8?



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You could use NAUbackup to backup your VM's to attached storage.


Yes metadata is the "glue" between the VM's and the VDI's. Without it 

you will have your disks, but no VM's so you would need to recreate

them manually and attach the disks again. Not impossible, but painful

if you don't have labels on your VM disks. label your disks now before

you start just in case.


Backing up metadata is done through XSConsole.  When you install XenServer 

clean, reattach the SR that is stored on SSD, then restore your metadata you

should have your VM's back.


Yes, if you upgrade it should see the local storage partition on sda and keep it, 

but if you do a clean install I would expect both to be wiped out, both the

boot Dom0 partition and the local storage.






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Is there an update to these links somewhere?


On 10/26/2018 at 4:12 PM, Tobias Kreidl said:


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For upgrades to version 8, see if this clarifies it: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-hypervisor/install/upgrade.html


Note that even though Citrix "promised" to re-publish those articles on upgrades, they never did and hence a lot of such information is more or less lost. I was very disappointed, frankly, as there were around nine articles I had published over the years on the xenserver.org site.



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