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App is freezing after update to Workspace

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I have user who was having difficulty launching a desktop app through his Citrix Workspace app on his iPhone.  I couldn't figure out why he was the only one having an issue while others including myself were working perfectly.  After troubleshooting his Citrix profile to no end I decided to look closer at the app itself.  When we first started with the issue, the first thing I had him do was update his Workspace App to the latest and greatest,  Of course when I looked at my app, it showed that I was still on version  The newest version couldn't have broken it right?


So I downloaded the newest version onto my phone and what do you know, my app freezes as well.  Let me explain what I mean by freeze.  We are able to login to the app just fine.  We see our list of apps available just fine.  The app itself launches just fine.  However, once the app is starting to finish loading it just freezes up.  Our app is a published desktop and that means that user sees all of the typical login info like Welcome and Please Wait, but once that completes and starts to show you the Desktop it just locks up.


Hopefully I'm not the only one experiencing this and the update can be addressed quickly.



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Seems like I have the same problem with on ipad. I'm not 100% sure yet, but more and more devices started having trouble with latency and scrolling. When I open a connection to a windows server 2016 from citrix workspace on an ipad and try to scroll in the start menu or a webpage in IE, it's very laggy and sluggish, but with version it's working fine. When I try connection to 2012 R2 servers both versions are fine..

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If any of the application freezes or stops working while you are in Citrix workspace, then please follow the below steps:

  • Log off from the Citrix Workspace, login again and test.
  • To log-off the Citrix workspace –> Click on the right-side icon as shown below to log off.



  • Open Citrix Workspace and Login to your Citrix Account.



  • If log off and login does not help, restart your local computer and then try again.
  • In case If the above mentioned steps does not help, then escalate to Apps4Rent Support.




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