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Director and BrokerAgent.exe crash

Robert Madrian




I have a weird error if I use Director to show the maschine details:

Data can not be retrieved.
  Data source does not respond or has reported an error. For more information, see the event logs of the Director server (see Citrix KB article CTX130320).


On the client I see the following errors in the event log (german Translation):


Name of the failed application: BrokerAgent.exe, version: 7.15.2000.227, timestamp: 0x5ac81b44
Name of the faulty module: System.Management.Instrumentation.ni.dll, Version: 4.7.3056.0, Timestamp: 0x5a8e5a11
Exception code: 0x80131623
Error offset: 0x000000000004476f
ID of the failed process: 0x3610
Start time of the failed application: 0x01d46ba4c1b6f019
Path of the failed application: C: \ Program Files \ Citrix \ Virtual Desktop Agent \ BrokerAgent.exe
Path of the failed module: C: \ Windows \ assembly \ NativeImages_v4.0.30319_64 \ System.Manaf08ebffb # \ 52405c520e3a4662c08a248a9e97a2c5 \ System.Management.Instrumentation.ni.dll
Report ID: cd41fd98-9488-4039-b042-f20131963ec8
Full name of the failed package:
Application ID that is relative to the failed package:

Application: BrokerAgent.exe
Framework version: v4.0.30319
Description: The application requested the termination of the process by System.Environment.FailFast (string message).
Message: Unexpected Provider Exception:
 System.NullReferenceException: The object reference was not set to an object instance.
   at Citrix.UPM.Wmi.TryWithFixHelper.Do (Action action, Func`2 fixAction, Int32 maxAttempted)
   at Citrix.UPM.Wmi.Product.RefreshProductDetails ()
   at Citrix.UPM.Wmi.LazyRefresher.Refresh ()
   at Citrix.UPM.Wmi.Product.get_Version ()
   at System.Environment.FailFast (System.String)
   at WmiNative.WbemProvider.WmiNative.IWbemServices.CreateInstanceEnumAsync (System.String, Int32, WmiNative.IWbemContext, WmiNative.IWbemObjectSink)

this happens only if I open look with the Director to the VM...


XenDesktop 7.15 CU2 + UPM 1808 + PVS 7.15




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m not really sure that that solved my problem but I have found out that sometimes on my machines the BrokerAgent Services is not started after booting. That is why I set the service to deactivated and start the Service in my Startup command file…


sc.exe config "BrokerAgent" start=auto
net start "BrokerAgent"


that works for me

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Seeing the same thing in 1903. As soon as you try to get details from Director session the Desktop service crashes and stops.  same .Net error logged. 

No UPM in this instance. The VDA was installed without it.


Seems to be resolved with 1912CU1 VDA. 

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