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Freezes Dual Monitor

Daniel Halter


We have a customer system in which a few days ago, the plant had to be restarted because a local power outage was announced. So we turned off the system in a controlled way.

The system contains two K1 GRID cards and runs on XenDesktop 7.17 and PVS 7.17 on Xen 6.5 last patch. I know XEN 6.5 has been obsolete since the summer of 2018, but since June 2015 the customer system has been in a very stable state and we have just continuously updated the XEN 6.5 updates and increased XenDesktop and PVS versions every 12-15 months. Likewise the NVIDIA GRID updates. Last date January 2018

Since the last reboot of the system we have the effect that arise on the endpoint with Dual Monitor Freezes.
The VM (guest) assigned the vGPU type K120Q. The Endpoint device is a normal Windows client with hardware of the type "HP Prodesk" or "Dell Vostro / Optiplex" with two HDMI graphic card connections and the latest Citrix receiver. The graphics card drivers on the Windows Endpoint (HP, Dell) are up to date. Incidentally, 4K graphics cards are installed in the client.

The effect only appears on Windows endpoints. The customer still uses Dell Wyse 5060 with dual HDMI and there the effect does not appear.

Enclosed the description of the customer.

Thank you for any solutions

- VDI guest VM desktop starts normally (Windows 10 Prof)
- during use, it occurs at irregular intervals (but at intervals of a few minutes or even seconds) that one of the two screens "freezes"
> Sometimes both screens freeze> but usually only one
- As a rule, the image content freezes, the desktop and the second screen remain active
- Switching from full screen to window mode will get the active desktop session up and running again
> after the full screen mode is set again, it takes i.d..R. not long before the next freeze

- Effect exists only in dual-monitor mode!
> Using the same virtual desktop on another workstation with a single screen did not see the effect!
- Tests indicate that an "increased demand" on the graphics card may provoke the effect
> nevertheless, the effect could be caused even with minimal load and and using "simple" programs (Office, ...)
- The effect occurs only in conjunction with assigned vGPU. If the guest VM is running without vGPU, the problem does not exist!

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In our case it was an issue with the 7.15 release (all CUs). We couldn't reproduce the issue with VDA 1903. Citrix is aware of this issue, but packporting the fix from 1903 to 7.15 isn't easy because many things changed. Don't expect a fix for LTSR soon. You can also disable NVENC on 7.15 which resolves it, but wouldn't be recommended due to impact on user experience and more CPU load.


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