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Search catalog corruption when full user layers are enabled

Heather Harding1709160272


After upgrading to Citrix App Layering 4.14, I enabled full user layers in my Windows 10 1803 desktop image.  Before enabling the user layers, I saw no errors regarding Windows Search or the index. Since then, I am seeing more than 10 errors in the application log during every login regarding the search catalog, index and service.


Some of the errors:

Event ID: 7040, Source: Search

The search service has detected corrupted data files in the index {id=4810 - onecoreuap\base\appmodel\search\search\ytrip\common\util\jetutil.cpp (296)}. The service will attempt to automatically correct this problem by rebuilding the index.

     0x8e5e0713 (0x8e5e0713)


Event ID: 7041, Source: Search

The Windows Search Service is being stopped because there is a problem with the indexer: The catalog is corrupt.

    The content index catalog is corrupt.   0xc0041801 (0xc0041801)


Event ID: 3057, Source: Search

The plug-in manager <Search.TripoliIndexer> cannot be initialized.

Context: Windows Application

    (HRESULT : 0x8e5e0713) (0x8e5e0713)




Originally, in the OS layer I left the Windows Search service set to its default startup type Automatic (delayed start). The index was also not removed or modified in any way. This was done intentionally since future desktop users will benefit from the indexing service when searching for items in Outlook, etc.


Since observing the search errors during each login, I have tried adding various new OS versions to fix the issues.

1. Rebuilding the index

2. Preventing indexing of specific locations via registry edits and GPOs

3. Preventing contents indexing on the C drive

4. Removing the index and associated files in C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows

5. Various GPOs to change the startup type of the Windows Search service

6. Disabling the Windows Search service and deleting the index


The only changes that prevented the errors were to both disable the windows search service and delete the index in the OS layer. If the index was not also deleted, the service would re-enable itself and create the same errors during login.


I have also deleted my user layer and allowed new ones to be created as well as used test accounts for testing purposing. If I re-publish the image with user layers turned off, the search errors do not appear.


As mentioned previously, I would really like to keep the Windows Search service enabled for use with Outlook search, but these errors are adding time to the login and becoming a huge nuisance. 


One additional item, I also noticed what appeared to be unusual behavior with the Citrix App Layering Guest Service which may or may not be related to the search issues. In the system event log, there are nearly 100 Service Control Manager 7001 events immediately after boot and before the user login:

"The Windows Installer service depends on the Citrix App Layering Guest Service service which failed to start because of the following error: 
The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it."

When I checked the services I saw the Citrix App Layering Guest Service was running, but set to disabled start up type. I thought this was odd considering in all the image's layers the service is set to automatic. I also checked my Citrix server VDAs and the service is set to automatic and running without any errors there.


Any insight into why these errors are occurring or what can be done to prevent them would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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I don't have anything useful to say about the search indexes, except that we do not capture the indexes in the User Layer, just the settings.  I'm not sure why deleting the indexes from the OS layer would help, since they should be in the app layers as well.  I'd think if we were cleaning them out, we'd clean them out consistently on all types of layers.


We definitely set the Windows Installer service dependent on the ULayer service, which means it's blocked until a user logs in.  Any clue what could be triggering Windows Installer to try to fire up like that on startup?  I wouldn't think it normal for Windows Installer to have anything to do on a new machine.

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Hi gunthera, thanks for your response.


You're right, removing the index in the OS layer alone is not helpful. If I continue down this road, I'll have to recreate the application and platform layers, or at the very least the platform layer since it is the highest priority. I was hoping to avoid this. I am specifically trying to determine what is changing when user layers are enabled that causes this search "corruption" to occur.


As far as the Windows Installer service, it is starting to reconfigure our antivirus software and soon after to reconfigure the SCCM agent. I appreciate you mentioning the services dependent on Uniservice. I just checked the server VDAs with elastic layers enabled in my environment and Uniservice does not have any services dependent on it. The desktops with full user layers, however, indicate both Windows Search and Windows Installer are dependent services. The services dependent on Uniservice appear to be the sources of all the errors I am seeing on the desktops. I just opened a case for this issue.

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Hithere hithere,


Did support help you with this? I'm seeing the same thing, and my Search doesn't work at all. Installed apps, settings, don't show up even after the index has be re cataloged. I've also got a ticket open and am working through it.


edit - by "at all" above, i mean, from typing in items at the start menu search. Outlook searches to seem to return results properly. 

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