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Cloud Connector - Canary updates - scheduling

Graham Caparulo


Has there been any progress in giving customers the ability to schedule a window for cloud connector updates?  The canary rollouts often occur during business hours.  We have customers using the Netscaler Gateway proxy feature, which rely on a component within the  cloud connectors.  When a connector is updated, ICA sessions are halted (session reliability timer starts) and/or dropped (if the update doesn't finish within session reliability countdown limit).  Not ideal.

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Yes, we are actively working on the 'preferred time of day' option for connector maintenance.  This will enable customers to pick a specific time of day that connector upgrades start.


I am optimistic this functionality will be available 1H 2019 but please keep in mind that is the current target and subject to change.


This enhancement to connector upgrade is a top priority under active development and validation right now.

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Yes, we are currently working in this direction to enable more customer control and visibility into the connector maintenance schedule.  For example, we are considering allowing customers to schedule a 'time of day' that connector maintenance would occur.  This would allow them to plan around business hours.


We've also identified a few issues with the re-connect behavior in place that makes the re-connection more reliable and less prone to leave a 'stranded session'.

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Our current approach is to enable a 'preferred maintenance time of day' at the resource location level, which would enable a different 'time of day' for different geographies as desired.


We are targeting to have this code in production in May and plan to start it with a 'private tech preview' where it can be enabled for specific customer accounts, but won't be active for all customers on day 1.  We want to make sure we work out any kinks and get some feedback before that stage.


If you're interested in being part of the private tech preview, send me a direct message with your email so we can connect.

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