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User Layer Exclusions

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So It turns out I was wrong:


We do have a way to exclude files or directories from the user layer.  There is a registry key under HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\unifltr called AlwaysOnBoot


AlwaysOnBoot is a REG_MULTI_SZ which identifies files that must not be pulled into the user layer and will remain on the boot disk.  If you want to exclude an entire folder, you must make sure it ends with a "\".  You must never remove any of our settings from that key.  I believe you can edit it in the platform layer, and it must be present in the published image before it boots. The lines are just proper Windows paths.  For your example add "C:\Temp\" to the list. 


Just remember if you use this its not really a supported feature to modify it.  We don't test that or expect users to do it.  If it doesn't work right you will want to back it out.  I would also export that regkey before modifying it but you can just go back to the previous version of the platform layer.

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