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SDX redo log - cannot change mgmt IP

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i'm trying to change SDX Management IP address via LOM, 

but when entering new mgmt ip values, I get the respond:

'Configuration failed : The operation could not be performed because a redo log is enabled on the Pool'


How do I address this ? 


Is there a way to run the CLI command  'networkconfig' via the LOM ?

regard Frank

SDX redo log.png

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1: Drop into the local command shell of XenServer. It would have a prompt similar to netscaler-sdx (This should be one of the options on the screen that you are on)

2: Type xl list (This command will only work if you are root user)

3: From the output of 2. Find the ID for management service. (Say it is 99)

4:xl console 99 (Hit enter twice)

5: Login to SVM

6: use networkconfig

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