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Slow app layer creation

Boris Schurmans




Since updating our xenservers to Xenserver 7.4 and updating the  ELM to 4.12 I notice a significant decrease in app layer creation speed.

Before the updates creating an app layer took around 15 to 20 minutes. Now it takes up to 50 minutes.


Especially the step 'Deploying packaging Disk: Copying boot disk from cache' takes ages.


Cache is enabled on the Xenserver Connector (200GB).



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That step is performed entirely by XenServer.  We just send a message to XenServer saying, "Hey, you! Go copy that disk!" and wait for the "All done!" reply.  Is it possible something hiccoughed in the connection between the servers and the datastore?  What exactly is the datastore the disks are on (it's the same datastore you configured for everything in the Connector), from a hardware and connectivity perspective?  Like maybe there was some kind of misnegotiation on a physical switch port after the server upgrade.  Or maybe a SAN threw a disk and you're in parity mode.

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