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Export StoreFront Config and Import on newer release

Daniel Litschewsky

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there is no default page set. Maybe migrating from 2008R2 to 2016 is not a supported Scenario.

I found a workaround. Added the new 2016 SF Server to the old Server Group. After all Settings have had been successfully applied I deleted the new Server from the Server Group.

No I have a single SF Server with existing StoreFront stores and config

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Hi Daniel

The reason you cannot import backups into different versions is the backup may be missing or contain features that are not present in the target version.  This was a deliberate design decision to prevent support issues.  You also cannot alter the backup in anyway as it is hashed to prevent tampering.  


You can create new deployments based on an exported backup and then upgrade them leaving your existing server in place untouched.  The feature was designed with that scenario in mind to allow admins to migrate StoreFront from old OSs to new OSs or to build completely new server groups from scratch.


Regards Mark

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