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IE11 does not save trusted sites for users on VDI

Vincent Lewin1709156903


Hi all,


Im having an issue with IE11 functionality in a VDI.


The vdi is a server and I did have a GPO in place to lock down the IE control panel.


The users of this VDI need to be able to add Trusted sites and they feel the delay in requesting IT to add it to a GPO is too long.


Ive had a look around the web and found something along the lines of the setting are still in place even after you remove/override the policy.


I have set everything in Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Security Page

to "Disabled", in a new policy and confirmed using RSOP these new settings are taking precedence, but its still the same.


The security tab is visible, you can choose the trusted zone and add sites but if you leave the control panel and go back in they are gone.


Could it be a UPN issue?


Help please :(





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3 minutes ago, Ganesh Raju said:

I hope you are entering the site with https:// or http:// as attachment, Added site was enumerated under Websites section before you close the panel.


Trusted sites.PNG


Yes I am, the entry moves down to the websites box and then I close the settings and re-open them but the address site is no longer listed in the lower websites pane.


It does appear to be a GPO that is causing this. I am using loopback processing in merge mode and have isolated a user GPO where the sites to zones assignment is set. I have created a new gpo for this server and set the sites to zone assignment to disabled but this does not appear to over ride this user policy. If I completely remove this user policy from applying then the Trusted sites settings works as designed and saves the new address.


I would like the remainding policies in the user gpo to be applied so ideally I would like to override the sites to zone assignments.

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