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Secure Mail on Androids not rendering images in html emails

Angel Massingale1709156558


Our company marketing teams sends out HTML emails with images that also contain links.  These images do not appear to exist when viewing in Secure Mail on Androids (no broken image icon - just doesn't show).  The same emails show the images on Secure Mail iOS, as well as in the Chrome and Gmail local apps on the same Androids.   The "Show Pictures" is enabled in SM.   Actual body embedded photos and attached ones show up just fine.  Just not in HTML formatted emails.     We are running XenMobile server 10.8 RP4.   Both Secure Hub and Secure Mail are the latest PlayStore downloads.  I have tested on Androids with OS's 5.11, 6.1, 7.0, 7.1, and 8.0 - different models - same results.   Any ideas?  Thank you.

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I did not hear back on the Log Level so I left it as our default setting.   I just emailed a zip file containing the following:


1.  Screenshot of Android Secure Mail not showing images in HTML email

2.  Screenshot of iOS Secure Mail showing images fine (same email)

3.  Email of Report Issue.

4.  Logs.zip file of the Report from the Android


Thank you kindly.

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Wanted to post a follow-up to this issue.  Vijay assisted with testing a Citrix in-house fix [Feature_CXM-42089-13] for the Android Secure Mail app that does not render the photos in HTML formatted emails if using internal remote images.   The test APK and MDX's did resolve the issue.  The fix will be in a future release of Secure Mail in the PlayStore, and we can move into Production at that time.   Many thanks to Vijay for reaching out and providing assistance!

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