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Why do local system appearance options get disabled when launching Citrix Workspace?

Shawn Keene


I have Windows 10 and use the Citrix Workspace (formerly Citrix Receiver) app (the one in the Microsoft App Store here).


Every time I launch it, my local system's Performance/Visual Effects get disabled (these are the effects you see if you run SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe on a Windows 10 system).


I want to know why this occurs, and more importantly how to stop this from happening.  I understand that you wouldn't want effects on the remote system because you're streaming remote desktop video and it improves bandwidth to not send those 'useless' frames of video, but why on earth does my local system's effects need to get disabled?


And even if this was necessary (which it can't be), why doesn't the app have the respect to put the settings back the way it found them once I exit the Citrix program?


It's so annoying, and it honestly seems like it must be a bug where it's setting appearance options on the wrong target (the local instead of remote computer).

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