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Possible to change Vsphere folder for VDAs after MC creation?

Sebastian Barthel


We are creating the VDAs (EXSi VMs) in our XenApp sites with Machine Creation Service.

All VDAs are bundled in a particular folders in Vcenter.

It looks as if the Vcenter folder used for creation of new VDAs is the one the master image was located at the very first creation of a machine catalogue.

Later we can move the master VMs to other folders but still new VDAs would be created in the initial place.


For the moment I do not know another way of changing that folder than recreating a MC and all contained VDAs from scratch after placing the master VM in the desired new folder.

Is it possible to achieve the same without recreation with a powershell command?

If not is it at least possible to query for the folder in Vcenter used by a Machine catalogue with Powershell?


Question goes to the community since I did not find anything in the documentation or KB base.

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Thanks for your reply, but that's not what I'm looking at.


I meant the folders in Vcenter to organize VMs.

Like i.e. in this screenshot: https://goo.gl/images/4otZhY


What we like to achieve is:

- have one folder, i.e. "MCS Worker"

- another folder: "Master images"

If we create a catalogue while having the master in the "MCS Worker" folder, all good and we can then move it to "Master Images"

The VDAs would still be created in "MCS Worker"

But if that first step was forgotten I found no way to change it despite recreating catalogue and VDAs


I did not find the place where the information about the Vcenter folder is stored.

Not via Powershell commandlets nor in a SQL table

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we are having issues after deleting one of these folders. Apparently Citrix can't function without the vmware folder-id. We can't restore the folder and it is tied to the folder-id not the name. I am trying to get some resolution on this, as I can't find anywhere it is stored, either. The database, the powershell commands, etc.


It is really frustrating that there isn't a fallback method, like if the folder doesn't exist create the vm's at the top level or something. We can't even update our catalogs anymore.

So just a warning, if you rename the folders its fine, but don't ever delete them unless you are removing a catalog... You will be sorry :(. 

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Indeed this has been confirmed in a Citrix support case in the meantime (#78358274).

We managed to identify that there this an unique ID being used not the Vcenter folder name hence recreating a folder with the same name does not help.

But I did not follow up any further since this is not a problem for us anymore.

Guess the official reply would be "not supported" when it comes to change such values directly in the DB and probably not a big deal to most of the customers else Citrix would have implemented a way to change this in their management console.

In case of trouble referencing the support ticket above might help.

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Hi all,

Was there a resolution to this? We are recreating machines which are creating in different folders on vmware console. Is there a way to check where it's meant to be recreating in and how to change it? I can't remember ever setting a default location at the beginning of site build tbh. Was it set somewhere?

Thanks a mill :)


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Hi, we had the same problem. The following solution from Citrix Support worked for us.

In our case, both the folder in vCenter and the original GoldenMaster were deleted. Our GM come from the Applayering system, so we don't keep them for a long time



Using VMware's PowerCLI, get-folder will reveal all folders and their IDs. If the folder ID does not exist, it has likely been deleted. If the folder is listed, then the folder may have been deleted and recreated with the same name which will use a new object ID for the folder. Other environmental conditions may change these ID's on the vSphere side. To fix this, we will need to update the ID of the folder in the catalog's ProvScheme. This field is not able to be changed from PowerShell or through Studio and is deeply embedded in a binary blob saved in SQL. To get this ID updated we will need to create a new catalog with at least one machine.

1. As you would rather retain the existing catalogs, then please see below.

• For each catalog that will not update or allow new machines to be created, please create a new catalog containing one VM. Make sure the catalog is using the same master image that is associated with the problem catalog. If multiple catalogs are pointing to the same master image, then only one new "donor" catalog will need to be created for that specific image.

• You will need to connect to the SQL database that hosts the Citrix database.

• Be sure the database is backed up just in case!

• Look for a table named after the Citrix Site name shown in Studio. ( in site DB tables) • Find the entry for "DesktopUpdateManagerSchema.ProvisioningScheme"

• Each line for that table will represent a catalog. Find the catalog name for the new working "donor" catalog.

• Under the column "VMMetadata" you will see the binary blob. This will be a very large string.

• Copy the VMMetadata cell from the donor catalog to an existing, nonworking, catalog's VMMetadata based on the same image.

• Once the table has been updated, try to update or add new machines to the existing catalog. The process should now complete without error.

• Continue these steps for each broken catalog.



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