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Workspace 1808/Receiver 4.12 Windows 10 lag

Davide Nardo


Hi, i'm having some troubles with both workspace and receiver with some computers with windows 10. From some time when users try to connect to our remote software through citrix receiver or workspace ( i have tried both just to see if workspace would solve my problem) the remote sessions just lags and stutter making it nearly impossible to use.

I wonder if there is a fix to this problem, cause i've been searching the web and the forum, but i can't find any solution! Did someone know how to fix this?

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Same problem for me: ...



- Windows 10 (1809)

- Dell Precision (i7-7820HQ, 32GB ram, SSD)

- Receiver 4.9 (and Workspace 19.? I think)



- Track pad is so slow as to be unusable;



- Citrix is running;

- Laptop running on battery.



I discovered that when running on battery, the "Best battery life" to "Best Performance" scale (that is displayed when I click on the battery icon on the taskbar) is one notch off of "best performance" when running on battery. If I change the setting so that it is set to "Best Performance" when running on battery, the trackpad performs (almost) normally.


Not sure that it is acceptable that running Citrix on battery requires this when no other application needs it, but at least it has worked around the problem for me. I also fail to understand why the trackpad has a problem when the mouse works fine.

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same problem on citirix workspace if citrix is lagging, my computer GPU (RTX2080ti) going to 30-40% workload... if citrix is fine the workload of GPU is 1%.

on citrix receiver its better, but also sometimes laggy


My PC:

CPU: intel i7-8700K

GPU NVIDIA RTX2080ti (driver 417.35)


OS: Win10 Pro 1803



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