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Disappearing NICs with MCS and Hyper-v 2016

Jacob Dixon1709152413


I'm pretty sure this may not be a Citrix thing but I thought I would ask the smart people here anyways :-).


We have multiple XenApp 7.15 LTSR CU1 and CU2 servers running Server 2016. Most of them are individual servers and not created with MCS. We have two separate machine catalogs that DO use MCS which are used to provision XenApp servers for users to login to. The problem we have experienced is over time the Microsoft Hyper-V Network Adapter ends up failing with a Code 10 which means the VM loses it NIC. Restarting the VM doesn't help and the only way to fix this is resetting the image back to the original.


Now the weird thing is this has only happened with VM's we have provisioned with MCS. We have two separate sets of images running Server 2016 and they were not cloned for the master image. This could be a coincidence, but i'm just not sure yet. I understand MCS is puts a differencing disk on each one so I'm inclined to think it isn't MCS, but we only experience it on the images provisioned with MCS.


The next weird thing is not all the images experience this at the same time but they all start failing in about a week or two of each other. So once the first one happens it can be up to two weeks before the rest of them start having the issue (on separate dates and random).


Has anyone experienced this before?



  • Server 2016 Datacenter Core (Host)
  • Server 2016 Datacenter (VM)
  • HPE BL460c Gen8 with HP Virtual Connect


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41 minutes ago, Matt McGrath said:

Hey jdixon,


We've started seeing this issue on some 2016 MCS servers recently as well. Running 7.15 CU1, BitDefender, Hyper-V 2016. Lenovo hardware.


Did you ever come to a conclusion on this?




Nothing yet. As a work around I setup reoccurring reboots with Citrix Studio every Sunday at 3am. This resets the image back to the base each time which is O.K. with us. Interesting that you mentioned Bitdefender because we too use Bitdefender on these images (we use N-Able/N-Central)

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Thanks jdixon - no N-Able for us, we've already got weekly restarts running (although we had them paused over the Christmas break, which is possibly why it reared its head recently?)


I guess we should see in the next week or so whether restarting weekly has "resolved" this as well.



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Hey Guys,


Reviving this thread and wondered if you still had this problem? We just recently started having this on our Hyper-V cluster using MCS. We migrated all our Citrix machines from VMWare to Hyper-V about a month ago, and everything has been running great until the last week. We already do weekly reboots, but we have been seeing this daily now and in a rare occasion it seems to follow a particular user. We are still digging in to see if there is a pattern and have a ticket open with Microsoft. If you have any other data, I'd really appreciate it.


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