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Promiscuous mode for VM, Xenserver 7.1 not working

Kent Nasveschuk


Trying to setup a Linux VM with a NIC dedicated to VM running snort. NIC is on a span port on switch.

To some extent I have this working, the pif is set in promiscuous mode using the xe command -> pif-param-set other-config:promiscuous="true".

tcpdump -i eth1 returns a flood of packets because it is on a port mirror, so this works


tcpdump -i xenbr1 returns mostly arp , so this does not work


also set in promiscuous mode the vif of the VM usin xe command vif-param-set other-config:promiscuous="true".


tcpdump -i vif1.3 returns mostly arp same as xenbr1, so this does not work


I saw one post about using brctl setageing xenbr1 0 (ex.) brctl does not recognize any interfaces so that's not going to work


stumped, any suggestions would be appreciated

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