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UPM unable to remove local profile, Chrome remnants

Adam Ong


We had our patch weekend last week and this week we noticed that profiles aren't being completely deleted from local PVS XenApp desktop image.  The remaining files are locked by the system and can't be deleted.  They are located on %userprofile%\appdata\local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default, files are Last Tabs and Last Session.  I cannot figure out what is locking the files and user profiles are stacking on top of each other now.  Profiles still work since nothing is redirected anymore, but for some reason this issue persists.  I even tested the last image and it still happens there now.  The updates had a Chrome update and a handful of Windows updates (a .Net framework update included).  But as I mentioned, the old image also portrays this problem.  We have half our users on UPM and the other half are still on roaming/redirected profiles and the r/r profiles don't have this problem.  Anyone seen anything like this before? 

System includes W2k8 R2, XenApp 6.5 fully patched, UPM 7.15 CU2.  Thank you.

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I have these files excluded and have even tried the folder itself.  I did find that the issue is UPM mixed with Sophos Endpoint.  Sophos is locking the files and not allowing them to be released until restart.  Still getting the problem occasionally, very odd issue.

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Edit: If someone comes by this thread: seems to be a problematic Sophos Update. Workaround is to disable the async. scanning on the VDAs.



Did you find any solution to this? We are facing now the same error with 1912 LTSR and Server 2016 + Sophos Endpoint Protection. How did you find out that Sophos is involved? I can identify with ProcExpl that the "System" process is keeping <c:\users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Last Session> locked after logout. The error occurs only sporadically.

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