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Can't Download XenApp & XenDesktop. XenApp 7.18 / XenDesktop 7.18, Requires additional permissions to access


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This is flipping madness. I just called into support and was told that the support team is upgrading the website because the software was renamed and it will be fixed very soon.


Why does Citrix need to constantly rename their products? Well not constantly, but it doesn't matter what it's called. We all know what it is. And why does renaming XenApp/XenDesktop break the ability to download the software. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to run maintenance on a website during the day during the week? Why not wait until 3AM on a Saturday? So ridiculous.


And this dumb s%*#.

'Select all images withbicyclesClick verify once there are none left". Why, just why? Is it that hard to fight SPAM in the forums?

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I still cannot access any downloads in my account. Oddly I have encountered a very similar problem with vmware's site where i could not download software. What is going on? Do these big companies just not care? Surely i cannot be the only one. Tech support appeared to be well scripted for this problem so I think this is more widespread.

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Opened another support case and it turns out there is no fix in sight for this weekend. The team that works on the website is gone for the weekend. Must be nice. They said there are over 100 calls queued for this problem. This is really causing me problems. I'd rather be working right now rather than during the week at night. This sucks.

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