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SDX management LACP supported?

Paul Blitz

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Netscaler SDX question:


I am assuming (always a bad thing to do, especially when it involves a Netscaler!!) that it is possible to use LACP for the pair of management ports (ie for access to the SVM), and that all that needs to be done is to create an LACP group containing the two ports?


Does anything else need to be done?

Will we lose connection to the SVM at all?


I'm just worried that, if we try this, and it fails, how we would back out?



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You absolutely can create an LACP channel using 0/1 and 0/2 for management.  Just create the channel like any other channel on the SDX and configure on the switches.  Channels are built at the XenServer level, so to roll back you can use XS CLI if needed to remove the channel config

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I dont belive that works. the problem is that you wont be able to reach the hypervisor ip once you have established  lacp bundle. 

i have also tried using xsconsole to try and bind the hypervisor ip to the portchannel without luck. 


i hope the above poster can shed some light on a working config.  i have been waiting for this feature since 9.3 on sdx. 

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