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Horizon 7.5.x Compatibility with Unidesk

Jacob Whitaker


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Sorry, no data.  I was hoping someone with actual field experience with 7.5 would chime in.  VMware recently seems to have broken their longstanding policy of maintaining backwards and forwards compatibility, at least as regards ESX and vCenter, so I have some trepidation about View 7.5.  But no actual data either way.

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Gotcha, thanks for chiming in. Maybe someone will eventually see this thread. There's a really annoying display bug in 7.4 so it would be really nice to get on 7.5 to avoid it. I have since pushed out the 7.5 agent but left the server side alone and so far no issues, but I'd like for them to have version parity if possible. Hopefully this will be my last major upgrade for a while.

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I have upgraded Horizon to 7.9 and have Unidesk Net new desktops no longer automatically add to a pool, so you have to recreate your templates with no broker integration and then manually add new desktops to the appropriate pool. All other functions including re-BICing and power / delete functions appear to work fine. Have been running in production for a week now with no issues.



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