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Multi Homed Appliance

BFH Citrix IS


Is it possible to configure the Citrix app layering appliance multi homed?


We have multiple networks and I am not allowed to add additional routes or firewall rules. So I thought I could add another vNic with the corresponding Network I want to access.

But I can't find any documentation or discussions about this topic.

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We don't have any documentation, and it's definitely something we haven't tested.  I have no idea if it would work, because a lot of our software is built with the assumption that there is one IP address for the machine.


That said, it's just CentOS 7.  Anything you can do with Linux, you can do with Linux in the ELM.  You would need to verify every step of your process afterwards, though, including:

  • Creating/editing connectors
  • Creating/editing app layers
  • Publishing, especially to PVS if you're using that.

Because things like editing connectors and publishing to our PVS agent do URL redirects and callback requests, and if they pick the ELM address on the wrong network, you're stuck.  My guess is this will be at best unstable, and at worst, simply won't work for you.  But it can't hurt to try.

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Here's an error:

{"name":"AgentFileCopyService","hostname":"localhost.localdomain","pid":1807,"level":30,"reqNum":442,"msg":"Bits Transfer job 3203aa0e-c196-4526-9efc-991ae4c77d44 had a TransientError: The operation timed out\r\n","time":"2020-02-18T09:48:56.564Z","v":0}

Caused by:


{"name":"UnideskService","hostname":"localhost.localdomain","pid":1807,"level":40,"reqNum":907,"msg":"Multiple external interfaces! Using the first one of:  [\n    {\n        \"address\": \"\",\n        \"netmask\": \"\",\n        \"family\": \"IPv4\",\n        \"mac\": \"6e:64:a6:10:f1:5a\",\n        \"internal\": false\n    },\n    {\n        \"address\": \
"\",\n        \"netmask\": \"\",\n        \"family\": \"IPv4\",\n        \"mac\": \"6e:0a:6a:19:d3:ad\",\n        \"internal\": false\n    }\n]","time":"2020-02-18T09:48:14.881Z","v":0}

The ELM has two NICs. 10.36.0.x is on the same LAN as the XenServers (so nice and fast to create and edit layers) and 10.0.x.x is the same LAN as the PVS servers (so nice and fast to publish vDisks). With this config, layers can be edited, but vDisks cannot be published because of the above - the PVS connector will only use the first interface rather than route as appropriate. Swapping the NICs (so first is correct for PVS connector) works fine.

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