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NetScaler features superior to A10,F5

Toru Adachi
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Hi, ​

I would like to explain to SP customers who use ADCs from other companies now some of the features that give NetScaler an advantage when compared to A10 and F5.

Can you tell me about the specific technical features and why they are superior?

I have already read past materials on Seismic and others but could not find any explanation on the functional aspects of ADC.

Best Regards,

Toru Adachi​

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  • Single code base across premise, cloud, and Kubernetes
  • Single management platform across premise, cloud, and Kubernetes
  • Holistic visibility and analytics across premise, cloud, and Kubernetes
  • License portability across premise, cloud, and Kubernetes
  • Consistent application and API security features across premise, cloud, and Kubernetes

See how Netscaler is different:


  • Better Performance

See the Tolly report, NetScaler VPX vs F5 Big-IP VE:


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Thanks for your comments.

Cost is indeed important to customers.

Currently, our client is using F5, A10 and is looking to include NetScaler as a feature-specific service within that.

If there is a feature specific to NetScaler that can beat F5 or A10 to get through the customer's internal review process, we can convince them to use NetScaler because of that feature.

We make sure that our customers understand that we have better performance than F5, a Pooled license, one software, and do not use the same amount of resources as A10.

But that is not enough reason for them to use NetScaler.

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  • Solution

Let's start with our proprietary JARH and Nile innovations.

I had a client tell me they saw 30% faster transfers with Nile versus BIC.

But like Morten mentioned, you really need to understand what is important to the customer.



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the problem with mentioning one feature, is that the customer might say "oh, but we dont need that", or the other vendor will respond "we have something similar", and without great detail, its a real hassel to prove which is best.

F5 has TCL language, where you basically can do aynthing (if you program it yourself, and are willing to have no support)

But for the reference, n-Factor seems to be a very unique feature in its depth. F5 and A10 and do authenticatoin, but not no the extend that n-Factor can.

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