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Which license do I need for Netscaler Gateway VPX

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I am upgrading our old Citrix Xenapp 6.5 farm. Users must be able to login from outside the company network.


I see that the free Netscaler VPX Express no longer supports the gateway functionality. I understand that I need to purchase the Netscaler Gateway but I am a little confused regarding the licensing.


I will have up to 20 concurrent users connecting to the solution through the Gateway. I only need functionality for ICA traffic allowing users to connect from the Internet through Citrix Receiver or Storefront. I will have two Storefront servers so load balancing is also needed.  


Do I need the NetScaler Gateway On-Premises Enterprise VPX License or the NetScaler Gateway Perpetual Enterprise VPX License....or some other license?

Are there any limitations regarding throughput as it was the case when using the free Netscaler VPX Express?


I have searched but I have not been able to find detailed info regarding licensing and features included. Any help is appreciated.


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- Netscaler Gateway VPX  does NOT include active-active load-balancing

- Netscaler Freemium DOES NOT include Netscaler gateway, but DOES do active-active load-balancing, but would be a second appliance

- Netscaler VPX 25 does BOTH netscaler gateway AND active-active load-balancing


A Netscaler can only have one platform license, so no, you can't have BOTH Freemium AND NG :-(


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