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WEM Logon Script



Hi everyone,

ı m new Citrix ı m trying to understand about WEM. I wonder that WEM has a logon script? 

I want execute a script during logon with WEM agent. I could not see any settings about this on WEM.

For example a script which create a directory on File Server during logon.Is that possible or ı should do it with GPO ?


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But"external tasks" not working during user logon , they are working after user logon. WEM is executing automatically after user logon and "external tasks" working after that.

I use "File System Operations" and "Network Drives" action type. I need a map drive but this map depends on whether or not a folder on File Server. Because of that "File System Operations" action type must work first and then "Network Drives" action type must work. I tried it but first "Network Drives" is working and then "File System Operations" action type is working and so map is not created on VDI machine.


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ah i see, order of processing is network drives -> File System Ops -> External tasks..... (there are other other things, but for your scenario this is relevant)


For your scenario, i guess it makes sense to create the file via GPP as that will apply during logon, and then use WEM to process everything else post logon

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Sorry, to bump an old thread (but I was referencing the information for something else I was working on when I found this thread in the first place and thought others might need the additional blogs too).

James' link to the article was broken, here's the current link:  https://www.mycugc.org/blogs/cugc-blogs/2017/11/30/wem-advanced-guidance-part-1

and part 2:  https://www.mycugc.org/blogs/cugc-blogs/2018/01/04/wem-advanced-guidancepart-2-user-interaction

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