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Use command line to log off user from their published desktop/apps

Kevin Eaton1709159983


I've been trying to see if it's possible to run a command line (with switch) to log a user off from their desktop.  This needs to be ran locally on the end-user fat client (not from within their published desktop).


I've had quick search and found Citrix self service plugin (SSP) that I thought might help as it offers command line options like 

SelfService.exe –logoff

but when I ran this from a command line, nothing happened - no errors or anything.


Ultimately, I'm after a way for the end-user to from outside their published desktop (ie on their fat client) to click on a shortcut on their desktop that would log them out gracefully from any citrix apps/desktops they have open.


I looked at citrixreceiver command line options but they're about installing citrix.


Thanks in advance



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Thanks for reply.


We are using an older version of receiver, 4.7, so just upgraded to latest (4.12) and neither SelfService.exe –logoffSessions   or   SelfService.exe –logoff   do anything from a dos prompt (either elevated or not).  I waited a good 5 mins between trying each command.  No error message was returned from using that command that would indicate it came across an issue.

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