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MCS - New machines go to which data store ?

Tommy De Coninck


XenApp 7.15 CU1 - vSphere Connection - multiple datastores


If you have a Hosting connection with a Resource that has more than one Storage Location defined (Standard storage),

then if you add machines to a Machine Catalog, where will the new VM's be created?


Is there a load balancer, or will it be placed on the storage location with most free space? ...


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Thanks Carl.


I'd like to add multiple datastores to one hosting connection, to prevent deleting and re-creating a machine catalog in case a vm gets migrated to another datastore by the VMware team ...


(We use MCS for power managed, server OS, random, non-persistent, application publishing XenApp servers.)

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Hi Carl,


I just create new MCS catalog, with cache disk enabled.


I have one Storage connector with 6 datastores (3 on Storage Controller1, 3 on the second)


When I add some VDA, I can see for each VDA, all their 3 vmdk (main vmdk, identity vmdk, cache disk vmdk) are not located on same datastore.


I understand the roundrobin algorithm which create each VDA on roundrobin Datastore, but I'd like to keep for each VDA, its 3 disk together.


PS: this catalog will own 100 VDA. So, I cannot split this catalog into 6, create 6 storage links, and link each MCS to a dedicated Storage Link


How would it be possible?






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