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XenDesktop VM shutting down on log off?

David Reade


I have created a single VM using XenDesktop and MCS, which is configured to discard all settings when the user logs off.


When the user logs off the VM, the VM shuts down, so when the user comes to log back on again they have to wait an eternity for it to start first.


The Power Management settings for the Delivery Group are set to their defaults, which is:


Power manage machines: Weekdays, 7AM till 7PM

During peak hours: When disconnected 0 mins [no action]

During off-peak hours: When disconnected 0 mins [no action]


Any idea why this is happening?

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Click the blue PowerShell icon on the taskbar or navigating to PowerShell from the Start menu to start a PowerShell session on XenDesktop.


Run the following command to load the Citrix Modules:

ASNP Citrix.*


Run the following command to list all the Desktop Groups in the environment and the respective properties:



Run the following commands to either enable or disable the power action of the Desktop, respectively:


Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name "Desktop Group Name" -ShutdownDesktopsAfterUse $True

Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name "Desktop Group Name" -ShutdownDesktopsAfterUse $False


Hope this helps.





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Follow up question to whats above:

If you want the machine to shutdown after logoff to discard change but want it to start up again automatically how does this work? I understand this works with randomly assigned desktops as autoscale provides schedule based settings but static desktops and autoscale do not seem to behave the same way.

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