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h264 causing segfault fresh install Ubuntu 18.04 and Receiver 13.10

Daniel Wake



I'm simply trying to test the Latest Linux Citrix Receiver (13.10) on the latest LTS of Ubuntu (18.04) and I keep running into segfaults when I try to reconnect to a VDI running the latest Windows 10 release 1803 (17134.167) and VDA 7.17, with a grid k2 k240Q GPU attached.

Error in /var/log/syslog:
Jul 24 08:28:06 unnamed-nuc kernel: [  660.489965] wfica: VC 9[2085]: segfault at 10 ip 00007fa0439da696 sp 00007f9ff8e56758 error 6 in libc-2.27.so[7fa04391f000+1e7000]

I also have a different client endpoint running the Debian 8 variant Thinlinx and receiver 13.7 and that is able to reconnect fine.

It's a super strange and specific issue but its halting our move to having our own in-house thin client that we can keep updated as many of our users require the latest windows + vda.

The problem goes away if I force disable H264 in wfclient.ini. I was just hoping someone else had run into this issue and managed to solve it where I have failed.

Any help or guidance on this matter is greatly appreciated!


I now believe it's being caused in sorts by my lack of a ctxh264.so in that the fallback one is crashing upon reconnect. I narrowed it down to this as the test thin client we have which features an older version of Debian and Citrix Receiver it has it's own compiled ctxh264.so presumably by the thin client vendor. It's no small task but how does one go about looking into compiling their own? I've looked into the latest SDK but there isn't much in the way of documentation available readily.

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