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Cant boot a Windows VM - The GPU group does not contain any GPUs


Following some failures due to hardware changes, I had to move a Windows 10 VM from one server to the other via exporting it to a XVA file on a USB drive and importing in in xencenter. The machine was already unbootable due to the same problem and its still unbootable and now I want to know how to fix it.


The problem is, I get an error when booting saying "The GPU group does not contain any GPUs". The VM seems to be attached to some vGPU that we previously had and no more exists. I want to know, through CLI or xencenter, how can I remove that vGPU attachment. Also, is there a way to tell xenserver to "deafult" to a non-GPU state? Following are some screenshots from xenceter showing the error and VM's properties. Thanks!




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Hi Tobias, thanks for the hint. As you checked, there isnt actually a parameter that explicitly mentions the attached vGPU but there should be (hope Citrix is listening).


I was however, able to do this thanks to an obscure, highly relevant, but incomplete "documentation" from Citrix and some good old tabbing to first even get to a command I needed to search more on. 


The command relevant here are xe vgpu-list as well as xe vgpu-destroy (Googled vgpu-destroy to get the above page as the first result); however, the page about destroy is incomplete, that command also needs UUID of the GPU, UUID of the group, and the UUID of the machine. Once that was obtained by xe vgpu-list vm-uuid=<>, I was able to "destroy" the vGPU which in essence just "destroys" the GPU binding and nothing else. After that the machine booted fine.



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What do you see if you run "xe vm-list params=all"? If you can identify a token that refers to a GPU, you should be able to remove it via an xe command.

I just did a quick look and that was actually not so obvious. There must be somewhere else this information is stored, is my current thought.



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