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XD 7.16 - Session Shows Connected - Unable to Roam


Hello everyone,


We're having a very annoying problem with our CTO's virtual desktop that has VDA 7.16 installed. He likes to roam his session between his Mac and his Android Phone. He sometimes adds his iPad into the mix and he switches devices depending on the location he's connecting from.  His session gets stuck every now and then and is displayed as "Connected" on the Director and Studio consoles. I can't force disconnect on his machine, no matter what I do.


This happens when he tries to transfer his session to another device on which the session is alive either. The desktop viewer shows up as if the session is going to be transferred properly and then suddenly the window closes with no trace of an active session. I don't think the TCP connection is kept alive in the background as restarting or completely shutting down the physical device changes the status of the session. It's probably the Virtual Delivery Agent going awry on the virtual machine and ceases to function properly unless remotely restarted.


I can log him off from the virtual machine with no issues, though. It's just that I can't disconnect his session. It remains "Connected" with a weird endpoint name that starts with "WR_" reported by Director. Trying to pick up the session from a completely different device won't work. Session won't appear on any of these devices and we're doomed to intervene to fix this problem manually with a reboot.


No netscaler in our environment, the user connects directly to the virtual machine through Storefront. This is a static assigned virtual machine. It's my interpretation of the problem that it has something to do with Citrix Receiver installed on mobile devices (Android phone or iPad). There doesn't seem to be any issue with session roaming between physical desktops. It's problematic when mobile devices are thrown into the mix.

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