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Microsoft Media Foundation is not installed on this machine......

Vaqar Hasan


I have a Windows 10 (build 1803) image which was built by our Desktop Engineering team. The Desktop Engineering team have disabled some Win10 features and services which they thought were not required within our corporate environment.


I have been tasked to install the Citrix VDA 7.15CU2 LTSR on on this Win10 image to be used as a VDI.


When I run the VDA installer, I get the following error
"Microsoft Media Foundation is not installed on this machine......"


The "Media Features" feature is already turned on and all updates are installed


Does anyone know which feature or service I need to enable to continue.




Vaqar Hasan




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Testing build 1803 Enterprise (not the N version) now.... I found after I upgraded the Media Player was no longer installed.  I had to install it via the old school Programs and Features control panel -> Turn Windows features on or off -> Media Features and select Windows Media Player.  After this was done, the 7.18 VDA installed without a hitch.




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We are having the exact same issue with 1803 and Win 10 Enterprise. I guarantee this isn't an "N" version. We do clean up all the Windows 10 provisioned apps before installing, however per Citrix best practices.


The download @Daniel996 provided will not install. States the update is not applicable to your computer.

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Just a simple question (on an old issue): Does it harm if mentioned "HDX Multimedia features" are not installed?

If Media Foundation was removed from the image, likely you don't want to use Multimedia in the virtual desktop.


We are using Windows Pro N (without Media player) and get the same message. I assume that the installer leaves out those feature simply because they are not needed.

Or would it disturb other functionality as well?



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