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'Starting...' Prompt lingers

Kyle McMillan



Working with a 7.15 XenApp environment and Citrix Receiver 4.4. and 4.9 LTSR. When users launch the VDI (win2012 R2 VDI) the 'Starting...' Citrix Receiver prompt remains on screen.




This is undesirable for two reasons:

1) We are trying to speed up log on time, and the desktop is ready to be used but users think they need to wait as the pop-up advises the desktop is still loading. If the user selects the close button, the prompt goes away without issue, the desktop has already loaded.

2) The pop-up starts in-focus, and because of this, the Full Screen experience exposes the local desktop. So despite the VDI being launched in full screen mode, users inadvertently are selecting the task bar and start menu of the local workstation.


I have tried to find some ways to suppress this window. I did find suggestions to make the following registry change:

Remove 'VDTUI' from the  value string in the Key:

HKLM/Software/WOW6432Node/Citrix/ICA Client/Engine/Configuration/Advanced/Modules/ICA 3.0/Virtual Driver


This does change the Receiver prompt, and instead of using the windows prompt, you see the newer Citrix UI icon. This is great, there is no linger window as the VDI  loads into the session. However, i have found this creates an issue on reconnects where Intermittently the session gets stuck on the windows loading/Welcome screen.


Is there any recommendation to address the 'Starting...' prompt. Or, it's obvious removing the VDTUI is causing this intermittent halt on the loading of a session, is there some fix for this?



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