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How to - Netscaler for IDP-Initiated SAML

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Hi all,

Netscaler 12.0 53.13

I'm trying to find some guidance on configuring a Netscaler for idp-initiated saml, ie the netscaler is acting as the idp (cert auth eventually but ldap to start) and as I say, idp initiated so will not be receiving a referral from the SP.

I can't find any official doc's on how to but can see browsing the web and these forums that a config is maybe possible using a CS/LBvServer and a Traffic Policy / SAML SSO Profile?

I'm looking for some step by step guidance , in particular so I can understand what is going on.

Anyone got any advise or links that might be useful.

It will be single app, eg my use case hopefully is, I will deploy the url https://sf2.mycompany.com to my mobile Salesforce app, the url will point to the netscaler, user will complete saml auth and be redirected to Salesforce.

(it is a second saml config at Salesforce, not my default, so cert auth for my mobiles, windows integrated/ADFS auth for my browsers (using the default/My Domain saml config)).




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