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Windows Server 2016 Rolling back after every reboot



I have a problem that more people seem to have. Some people seem to be able to fix it, however in my case, it persists. 


I have 6 VDA's (VM) with XenApp 7.15 CU1 installed on it. This is running on Server 2016. Every time I reboot the machine it rolls back to a previous state. This seems to be caused by a windows patch not being able to install. See here , here,here and here (issue 2)


This all seems to be caused by this service CtxMcsWbc. It's blocking windows from writing to the disk. I tried all the suggested solution but I was not successful in resolving this.


- I removed all the CTX software

- I removed all the Security software

- I patched windows fully

- I tried to uninstall the last installed updates

- Made a change to the registry that should some cache settings for MCS. 

- Upgrade CTX to CU2 hoping the issues was solved in there 


I am already spending countless hours on this but every time I reboot all the changes are reverted back and windows goes back like nothing was changed. 


Does anyone have any further suggestions?




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I am having the same issue. The link posted is pointing to BSOD. But in my case after patching the servers and when i reboot its reverting back to previous state. 


I tried to create a folder on the desktop and rebooted and its gone. So changes are not persistent . Any suggestions would really help. Thanks 

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