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NetScaler VPX: requested blocked without a message in syslog

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In Netscaler VPX 11.0,

I've an issue.

A request is blocked but I can't find any messages in syslog.

I'm sure Netscaler is blocking, because I've made this test:

1. I bind the policy (Application Firewall policy)  to VIP;

2. I perform a function of a specific web application under the VIP  and I get an error;

3. I unbind the policy;

4. I perform the same function as in step 3. All works.


After that, I looked on the log management platform that receives syslog messages: no messages related!

No messages at all about the application!


Note...if I check 'multipart/form-data' in profile, I can see an error on log (Malformed multi-part request - connection reset), If not, the request is blocked but I can't see any message. The application operation sign a document and upload it.


All the security checks, in profile , have ckecked only 'Log' and 'Stats'.


Thanls for your help



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I'm thinking that maybe this isn't so much the firewall actually blocking the request, but simply screwing it up enough that stops it from working.


AppFW does several things just by being in use.... it adjusts headers, removes some headers. It does this to do such things as prevent client-side caching. I wonder if it's actually that which is causing you issues?


Use the network trace to look at the incoming & outgoing traffic, see what's being done.

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