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PVS-Accelerator - Unexpected MAPI Error

Matt Galgoci1709159741




I've recently upgraded our XenDesktop environment to 7.15 CU2, and was looking to enable PVS-Accelerator on a couple of VMs and some XenServer hosts to test it out.


Enabling PVS Accelerator on XenServer works just fine, but when I go to create a new VM via "Streaming VM Wizard", enabling "Use PVS Accelerator for all VMs", I get the following error message:


Failed to connect with the requested server. ( Your current role is not authorized to perform this action.
Action: pvs_site.set_name_description )

I've confirmed that my security group is set as Farm Admin; I even went as far as to apply permissions directly to the device collection in question, with no change.


In addition, if I make a new VM and then check the properties later to enable the Accelerator, the box is greyed out, and I cannot check it.


It doesn't look like any errors are logged to the event viewer, and I'm not sure where to go from here...does anyone have any ideas?



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We need the CDF logs to look at this problem.  Download the latest CDf control. 


To collect the logs.


1.  Start streamed VM Wizard.

2.  Start CDF control.

3.  Check all PVS components and start log collection.

4.  Run through the streamed VM wixzard until you get the error.

5.  Stop the CDF control and save the logs.

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I think i found a solution to this, in my case the users that provisioned VM:s from PVS was member of VM-Power-Admin role in XenServer

XenServer is 7.1CU2 with the PVS accelerator add-on, because PVS accelerator was introduced in 7.1 the XenServer roles bellow Pool Operator does not have "Configure PVS-Accelerator" permission.


When i added the special PVS permissions to the VM-Power-Admin role i got it to work

These are the permissions that i added to the role






Follow this guide to set the permissions https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX126442


When that is done, create or recreate PVS-Accelerator in XenCenter


Test to provisioning target device with PVS-accelerator enabled from PVS

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