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Receiver 4.12 Bug - Unwanted Scrollbars

Austin Locke


Citrix Receiver 4.12 (and 4.11) have broken connections to my Xenapp 6.5 Server
This bug does NOT happen in 4.10


When users connect, unnecessary horizontal and vertical scrollbars now show up. (attached image)

My environment:
Application is a published Desktop, 100% of client's desktop (Adjusting % to >100 doesn't fix)

Xenapp 6.5 on Win 2kR2

SecureGateway 3.3.5

Web Interface 5.4

Any Citrix Receiver 4.11+ client (verified on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 clients)


Please Help / Fix Citrix support
Any ideas Forums?


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I know this is an old discussion, however this problem just started to plague me and I stumbled upon a fix.

1. Set local browser zoom level to 90%

2. Use Citrix html5 client settings pulldown (top centre of your html5 session) > ... > Display Rresolution > Device Pixel Resolution Scaling

That fixed it for me, but messes with the font scaling on the target device, so simply setting the display resolution back to Auto Fit Screen was a winner for me.


We're on Citrix Workspace HTML5 v20.2.0.4106

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