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No User Group found ... Exiting.

Tim Hodkin




It looks like the agent does not like some of our AD groups. This also seems to be a little random. 

The WEM Log lists : Exception -> MainController.InternalRun() : No User Group found ... Exiting.

If we remove a few groups from the user it generally will start working then re-add them and it continues for a while.


Is there some way to find what the agent is doing to try and identify the groups/memberships so we can see why some groups are not liked.


Some of the groups and very well nested and have several layers and may contain groups that match in the nested group.

I have check Token sizes etc for these users and they are well within the limits of even 2008r2 servers but there are many groups in play for these users.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you


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Are you single forest or multi forest/Domain? You may need to look at increasing your Directory Services Timeout under advanced agent option if there is a load of traversal


Debug logging gives you a fair bit of info, but not much around the actual AD function


Have you tried running a modelling wizard within WEM and seeing what it reports back out of curiosity?

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Thank you for the feedback.


We have quite a complex Domain / forest setup. This turned out to be the problem. Turned off the Cross-Domain user search and the problem has disappeared. We have no requirement for the other domains or forests to log in so this setting is not needed. We are also going to remove WEM from the environment and go back to group policy as we have had other issues where it does not seem to be as stable as we would like. But these are separate issues !





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I've started getting this error now on VDAs that are deployed in a different forest to that of the WEM installation.

AD Search timeout is set for 20000msec

and Cross Domains User Group Search is enabled.


I've added the Domains Users group for the new forest into the WEM.


Drive mappings and start menu icons are being applied however.

Attempting to do a refresh results in this vague error.



The debug log shows this

HostDirectoryServicesController.RetrieveUserDirectoryServiceGroups() : Error while retrieving user token groups list


If anyone has any thoughts I'd love to here them.



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