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Application Fine Tuning using App Layering


Hi Experts,


I would like your assistance to configure below registry settings for each VDI session. In our POC environment for XenDesktop 7.15, we have setup Application layering 4.10 with MCS configured for provisioning non-persistent Windows 7 Virtual Desktops. Also have setup a Machine Catalog and delivery groups. We need to install a custom application named Bloomberg in App Layer. Is it possible to configure the registry setting which is to be set unique for each VDI? Also, can this also be delivered using Elastic layer?


This is to be noted that Serial Number and UserID has to be unique mainly from application licensing perspective. 


These settings need to be unique to each VDI:


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Bloomberg L.P.\User Info]




"Wintrv Id"="58F62F4802CC01A4"

"Access Point"=dword:00000001

"Serial Number"="123456"


Kindly suggest if any inputs.

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How would you solve this without App Layering involved at all?  This seems like it would be a problem for any cloned VM system like Composer, PVS or MCS whether App Layering is used or not.


I think the short answer is "Layer Script".  When you Finalize a layer, you are given the option of specifying a Script PAth for a script that will run when the layer is used.  If you assign it to the template directly, then the script will run at startup.  If you elastically assign it, then the script will run when the layer is attached.


That hard part is figuring out what to put in the script.  How would you figure out what license goes with which VM?  Would you make a table of machine-to-ID mappings that you would include in the layer?  Then it's just a quick lookup from data already in the machine.  If you need to have a lookup process in the network, you would need to make sure your script doesn't run until the network is running.  And since scripts run as Local System, you would need to make sure your network resource can be reached by that account.


As for whether Bloomberg will work elastically, I don't know.  Layer scripting definitely works elastically, but I don't know if Bloomberg will have trouble if those registry keys only show up when the user logs in.


Does Bloomberg have no advice for deploying this software in a cloned VM environment?  Is there no licensing model where each machine just checks out a license without needing a permanent, individual identifier?

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IF you switch to PVS instead of MCS, you can use the Personalization feature of PVS.  This allows you to define specific settings on each target in the PVS console. These will be slipped into the stream as envrionment variables. Then you can write a start-up script that reads those variables and populates the registry keys.




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