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XenServer 7.x vTPM

Kalle Karlsson


Hi, im trying to figure out if there is anyway to get vTPM to work on Xenserver 7? 


I found this post: https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2016/06/30/xenserver-7-building-the-foundations-of-a-great-future/


Where it is written; 

"XenServer 7 saw us upgrade from Xen 4.4 (in XenServer 6.5) to Xen 4.6, also incorporating the new content from Xen 4.5" and  "support for vTPM 2.0, potentially allowing a chain of trust from hardware TXT/TPM boot right through to trusted boot of virtual machines"


And if you check https://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Virtual_Trusted_Platform_Module_(vTPM)  "Support for vTPM 2.0 was added in Xen 4.6"


From all that info it feels like it might be a possibility to get vTPM to work on a VM on XenServer, but i have no idéa how to enable it, does anybody have any experience with this or any information about it?



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Still opened a support request with Citrix. One of our customers is asking the same question. My research results only pointing to XenServer org related Xen Server, Hyper V 2016 and up + ESXi 6.7 that are supporting vTPM.


Still waiting for Citrix Support.



Citrix Support answered:

actual no vTPM support with any Citrix XenServer version. It's on the roadmap but not mentioned when and which version.


Hope it helped.

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