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WEM 4.6 Default File Associations and Server 2016



FA_Descript.thumb.JPG.f38ebba1b7a06bfc965f1afcfd882880.JPGI have been setting file associations using the supported Microsoft method (xml file + GPO). This is working well. We have the situation where Acrobat and Reader are installed on the same VDA and want to set the file association based on who has a licence for Acrobat (simple AD group filter/rule). We also use AppLocker to only allow those who have a licence to actually open to Acrobat. I can achieve what I want using the XML and GPO alone combined with multiple GPO's, link order and scoping and I would absolutely use this method if we hadn't already a added WEM over the top of our environment.


I'm actually struggling to configure a simple file association for .pdf files using WEM's file associations. I have two evidence that the File Association is applying: The Type column in Windows Explorer shows that of the WEM description and; the WEM log shows me the association is applying. However, when a user opens a PDF they are asked to select which application to open the file with. 


I have two open cases with Citrix (different issues to this one) and will open another if guidance cannot be found here. TIA






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Thank's Panteraa and James. 


I was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to another workaround. The more I strive for that perfect end-user experience, the more I am realising that it is impossible without many, many of these workarounds/tweaks. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised with so many different pieces to the puzzle. I've lost count at the amount non-default configurations I have implemented in order to achieve end-user bliss, and I am not there yet.


Luckily, our new 7.15 environment is still in pilot phase, but oh boy, my documenting ability is being tested big time. Without documentation (heck, even with documentation), navigating this minefield of tweaks and workarounds has been, lets say, an exciting challenge and learning experience. I just hope my documentation is sound enough that if someone needed to pick up and run with what I've implemented so far, they could.


That aside, I am not sure where I'd be without your articles James (along with George and Carl S). Can't thank you enough.

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I have Office 2016 and Office 2013 installed side by side on a Citrix server. Not ideal though that is how we want it. We want different groups to open one version of office and another group will open Office 2016. It works fine except for file associations are defaulting to Office 2013. I want to change the Office associations depending on the group. 


I have tried the both options above, using Citrix wem to run it, though doesn't seem to change the associations. 


Any ideas?


Offie associations.docx

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