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Strange popup windows only with HTML5 Receiver

Dan Murray


We are running XenApp 7.15 and we've noticed a strange thing happening, but only when using the HTML5 Receiver.

When a published application launches, in the background Receiver launches. When it spawns the "SelfServicePlugin.exe" process, it displays a small, blank window with the title "Form1". When THAT process spawns "SelfService.exe", we see another small, blank window with the title "SelfServiceMain".

Neither of these windows show up when launching the same application, from the same server, but using a "regular" Receiver... only when using the HTML5 Receiver.

If I manually kill the "SelfService.exe" process, the "SelfServiceMain" window closes, but comes back eventually when doing its refresh. If I kill "SelfServicePlugin.exe", the "Form1" window closes and SelfService.exe nevers runs again.


I am hoping to simply disable SelfServicePlugin.exe from running, but am stumped as to how I can prevent it.  Any ideas out there?


Thanks in advance!

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Do you see Change Citrix Receiver option when you click on the profile once logged into Storefront?

If yes can you please click on Use Light version option. This helps you to launch with HTML5 CWA without having to uninstall the Windows CWA.


Please confirm if you see any popups after following these steps.

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No response.. Still trying to figure out how I can close the form1 and SelfServiceMain boxes that appear when accessing inside of Storefront to access a hosted Storefront tenant inside the current tenant.  We have configured SelfService Plugin with Batch file, and included the  batch file within our VBS script, but we are not able to close the Form1 and SelfServiceMain form boxes that show up.  Any ideas on how to close these inside VBS?


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