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Duplicate and obsolete Registrations





  • DDC/VDA => Windows 2016 (recently patched)
  • DDC/VDA => XenApp 7.15 CU1
  • Citrix WEM => 4.6
  • SQL => SQL 2012 on Win 2008R2


As shown in attached image I've got a number of obsolete and duplicate entries under the Registrations tab in the WEM console. Under the statistics tab they don't show anymore (after clearing Expired Records; except for one of the the duplicate XAVDAT01 entries which is still live).


I've checked the Database table VUEMADObjects and  VUEMAgents. The first had no relation to shown agents and the latter showed only the agents as shown in the Statistics Tab in the WEM console.


The agent registration checks for a certain AD OU. This OU only contains the objects as shown in the Statistics Tab in the WEM console.


Anyone an idea how to fix this and get rid of these entries.


Much appreciated,



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I am not 100% sure if this is relevant to you, but there is a private hotfix for registration issues where the machines bounce in and out of config sets within WEM 4.6....I would suggest logging a ticket with Citrix and seeing if your issue is the same (you might be displaying slightly different symptoms)

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