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Outlook 2013 Calendar - strange problem

Rolf Loewenthal


Hi all,


we experience a very strange behaviour with published Outlook 2013 on our Citrix system (XenApp 7.13 on Windows 2012 R2):


when adding a new appointment, you cannot use the - I call it: 'date selector pop-up' (see attached screenshot) - you find right of the date input fields of the Start time/End time.


When clicking on the calendar icon, the month pop-up opens, you can click on any day but the content of the input field does not change. It also is not possible to change the month by clicking on the small arrows left and right of the month's name in this pop-up!


But this only happens within the Citrix environment. When using RDP client and connecting to the Citrix server, opening Outlook 2013 and adding an appointment, the funny 'date selector pop-up' works as usual!


Has anyone made the same experience? If so, has someone a solution for this problem or can point me in a direction what I can check? Our users are annoyed of typing in the start and end date manually ...


Thanks in advance,


Rolf Loewenthal

Goettingen, Germany


date selector pop-up.png

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