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Hi everybody,


we are Using Xen Desktop 7.17 with Win10 1709 on Xen Server 7.3 and a Tesla M60.

On this Win10 Desktops we running the Adobe Creative Cloud which is working fine so far.

But there are shortcuts in InDesign which only work if you connect from a Windows or Thin Client.

If you connect from a Mac this shortcuts wont work as aspected.


As example there is the "space-key", which should normally open the "hand-tool". So while pressing "space" and click into the document you should be able to move it around.

This works fine form a Windows Client and also Wyse ThinOS but not on a Mac device (tested with MacbookPro and Mac Mini with latest OS)

We even connected a normal Windows Keyboard to the Mac but it wont work.


When you press the "space-key" while connected through a mac the "hand-tool" cursor appears, but if you click left it switch back to the normal cursor instead closing the "hand" to be able to drag the document.


I tried several setting in the Receiver for MAC like "use local instead remote keyboard" and "send special keys without modification" but this wont change anything.

Also in very rare cases, probably one time a week, this works as suspected.

There is no problem by choosing the hand tool on the sidebar and drag the document, so it looks like the keyboard button doesn't get send to Citrix while the mouse is clicked.

I proofed this while in a text file (on the Win10 Desktop). I can press space (or any other button) but if i push the mouse button the keyboard doesn't submit any input to Citrix.


This seems to be a normal behavior of a Mac as i can reproduce the same in the Notes App of the MAC, but with InDesign for Mac you can use this shortcuts without any problem.


Any ideas or workarounds?





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